Rollers - How to use them correctly and effectively?

Regular massage - what are the benefits?

Postpones the appearance of wrinkles and smoothing the existing ones
Closes pores (the colder stone the stronger effect),
Accelerates the removal of toxins from the body (and thus supports skin cleansing),
Lymph drainage and improves blood micro-circulation
Makes skin firmer and helps to maintain its elasticity,
Prevents swelling or the appearance of shadows and bags under the eyes

Massage with our roller is also a daily dose of rest and relaxation.

Rollers - How to use it correctly and effectively?

First, some basic rules for using our stone roller:

Use roller on regular basis! Perfect would be once a day for about 5 minutes, but...if you manage to find a moment for yourself once every three days, it's also totally worth it!

Cleanse your face before the massage. Also always remember to adjust the force of the massage ( pressing stone to your skin) to your preferences - the massage is supposed to be pleasant and relaxing, do not press too hard!

The smaller end will be perfect for your temples and gentle area around the eyes. The larger one works better with gentle rolling of the cheeks, forehead, jaw and neck.

Before using your roller you may put it for a few minutes into the fridge. Cooled stone brings relief to tired skin and effectively minimizes pores.

Your skin wilk look younger and healthier!

Perfect time for a massage?

Well, always when you feel like it or have time! You will get the best results when massaging after applying our serum - thanks to that the cosmetic will be better absorbed by your skin. Massage with a roller is a part of 5 step Kiré Skin Ritual.

Here's how to clean your roller:

Wipe your roller with a warm, soft, damp cloth and then dry it with a clean, dry towel. Do not soak it in water and never wipe or rinse it with hot water. Make sure it is dry before putting it away. Never use harsh chemicals or cleaning agents.

Now everything is in your hands! (literally)


Start on the chin, go from the center outward and upward on your cheeks. Then take care of your neck - make sweeping rolls under the chin, moving towards the collarbone, and roll outwards to the sides of the neck (towards the cervical lymph nodes)

Repeat movements for both sides of your face.


Beginning at the hairline, glide the roller slowly from the middle of your forehead towards the ear and then down to the temple. Repeat from 3 to 6 times.

Repeat movements for both sides of your face.

3. EYES:

Use the smaller end of your roller. In this step take care of lids and under eye area. Roll in strips from the corner of the eye to the ear.

Repeat movements for both sides of your face.


Do the same sweeping motion for the cheeks. Start from your nose, across your cheek and up again to the middle of the ear.

Repeat movements for both sides of your face.


Start below your lips and sweep the lymph upward to your ear.
Repeat movements for both sides of your face.

6. CHIN:
Sweep from the middle of our face, under lower lip, słony the jaw linę, and then to your ear.
Repeat movements for both sides of your face.

Start rolling from the soft arena under your Chin and go to the bottom of you ear,
Repeat movements for both sides of your face.

8. NECK:
Scrape from your jaw and earlobe down to the middle of your collarbone.
Repeat movements for both sides of your face.



Use bigger end of your roller. Roll from the nose to the ear. Then continue with uper lip, lower lip and the chin. Rolling the chin move along the jaw line and then go under the earlobe.
Repeat movements for both sides of your face.


The Grand sweep! Collect all the lymph you have moved to the area of yur ears. Sweep from the center of your forehead right under your hairline, down to the temple, down to our ear and go to the neck. Do it for a several times just to be sure that you moved everything.


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