Roller Yasumu


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Yasumu means rest. 

Stone rollers are designed for massage, relax and face lifting. These from Kiré Skin are made of pink quartz, which due to its properties is called a love stone. Pink quartz is said to help to relieve nerve pain and to strenghten the heart. It is known as the favorite gemstone of the Chinese Empress Cixi from Qing dynasty.

Regular massage - what are the benefits?

Postpones the appearance of wrinkles and smoothing the existing ones
Closes pores (the colder stone the stronger effect),
Accelerates the removal of toxins from the body (and thus supports skin cleansing),
Lymph drainage and improves blood micro-circulation
Makes skin firmer and helps to maintain its elasticity,
Prevents swelling or the appearance of shadows and bags under the eyes

Massage with our roller is also a daily dose of rest and relaxation.

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